2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!”

“Met you on a wing-night, checking you out, we had so many thing to talk about; talked about “my childhood” until I turned blue, Donny Bizzle coming soon to a pub near you”

– RiteSedJed re: Birthday Inferno

Recorded between 2003 and 2007, 2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!” is one of the earliest incarnations of the 2012: Site-Specific project. This full length album was recorded and produced by Myke Flaherty throughout various locations in New York state, including the cities of Buffalo, Oneonta, and the village of New Hyde Park, hence the segment, or “band name “2012:via_NYS:”. Originally released in 2007, various version were printed and distributed. The most recent version is the 2009 re-issue available for download below.

2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!” // (2009 Re-issue)
release date: 11/15/2009 – Physical, first edition, run of 250 & Digital release

Sleeve/Liner Notes
(click images to enlarge detail)

design & layout by Myke Flaherty;
design-control, additional layout, & visual mastering by Sasha-K

Track listing is as follows:
01. ID
02. So, Do You Party 2012
03. Yaw Control
04. 41 Shots (to: Many Cops)
05. Sit There While I Blow Smoke In Your Face
06. AHAR
07. A Pheldsbar In The Light
08 .Evil Smile
09. All Is Well
10. La Danse Electrique (Winnie’s Dance Ranch Edit)
11. Boldest Move Ever
12. American Outcast
13. Superfriends
14. So Many Ways
15. Good Morning, Good Evening
16. Ate Bit Nine
17. Today Sucked
18. Bar Superstar! Part II
19. RNCNYC04 (Observer Mix)
20. We Were Once Young
21. Reason(ing)
22. There Was Nothing
23. Regality
24. Take This Town
25. Inquisitive Duck
26. Tired Education
27. Put The Money Where The Mouth Is
28. Late
29. Left Of Center

*Produced by Myke Flaherty 2007
*Mastered at Dryhill Studios by Andris Balins: andris@dryhillstudios.com

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Johnston Barclay // [Vocals: track 1]
Birthday Inferno (Donny Bizzle) // [Vocals/Voice Samples: tracks 2,4,9,16,17,18,26]
Special C // [Vocals/Voice Sample: tracks 2,10]
TheNotSoSuperNova (Cassidy Jasinski) // [Vocals: tracks 2,8,9]
RiteSedJed // [Vocals/Voice Sample: tracks 4,5,26]
Andris Balins // [Turntables: tracks 6,24]
Captain H.R. Frizzo //  [Voice Sample: track 9]
Mike Serpenti (Ash) // [Sampled: track 12]
XmaSafari // [Vocals: track 26]
Mr.B (Brian Barbuto) // [Vocals: track 24]

Declaration of Samples:
1. voice samples; Coast to Coast AM: George Noory, Art Bell, guests [tracks 3,4,15,23]
2. voice sample; “Fuck The Police” by The Mopeds Hurtling Towards The Sky [track 4]
3. voice sample;1010WINS report re:Sean Bell shooting: AL Sharpton/witnesses; [track 4]
4. various samples from the movie “The Secret” [Sample used on tracks 4,27,28]
5. audio sample from “American Outcast” by F.H. [track 11]
6. audio sample of Birthday Inferno from “Shake Your Baby” by 23 Wattkins [track 16]
7. audio sample of Birthday Inferno from “Rent Money” by HeadGear [track 18]
8. manipulation of unknown Englebert Humperdink record [track 19]

1. Mr. B’s contribution was actually recorded in Kearney, NJ, just outside of New York City
2. Although Rob(I.E) is credited on the 2009 Re-Issue version of the album, he never actually makes an appearance. This is because he appears only on the original version of “La Danse Electrique” and not the Winnie’s Dance Ranch Edit.

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: (click the image to open media player and download):
2012:via_NYS: Blown Out! (2009 Re-Issue)
release date: 11/13/2009 (physical & digital)

Previous Versions:
2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!” // (2007 Promo Version)
release date: 12/12/2007 – Physical run of approx 100
*Note:contains a collaborative illustration by RiteSedJed with help from Myke Flaherty & XmaSafari. Pictured in the drawing are Andrew Cordova, Sweets Becker, Myke Flaherty, XmaSafari, & RiteSedJed

2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!” // (2007 Digital Version)
release date: 12/12/2007 – Digital Only

2012:via_NYS: “Blown Out!” // (2008 Tour Version)
release date: 01/10/2008 – Physical run of approx 150

Other Stuff:
Promotional Animations:
(click to play)

More about the 2012:Site-Specific: project here:
The 2012:Site-Specific: Recording Project

If your interested to participate, email Myke Flaherty:

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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