BlackBombs: “National Arachnid” {{{Myke Flaherty’s Bumptious Remix}}}

“I can’t believe people still even like stuff like this, let alone get excited about it…”
– snark comment; RiteSedJed or XmaSafari, 2011

The above quote is indicative of the challenge presented here.  If not for the addictive beat, “National Arachnid” {{{Myke Flaherty‘s Bumptious Remix}}}, is worth checking out for the compare and contrast factor alone. “National Arachnid” {{{Myke Flaherty‘s Bumptious Remix}}} is a one off remix of a track originally composed by Brooklyn, NY Industrial ensemble, BlackBombs. Originally meant for a BlackBombs compilation album that may or may not have ever come to fruition, the track is now available below for your gothic dance party pleasure.

If your curious, the original BlackBombs version of the track can be found here at their page.

BlackBombs: “National Arachnid” {{{Myke Flaherty’s Bumptious Remix}}}
release date: 04/08/2011 – Digital Only Release


Click below to Download:
BlackBombs:”National Arachnid”{{{Myke Flaherty’s Bumptious Remix}}}

More Remixes and more About Myke Flaherty can be found Here.

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