2012: 47807: remix_kit: “Pay for the Party”

“You gotta pay for the party; pay with your life.…”

                   – Dude; “Pay for the Party”

Below is the remix kit for “Klepto Hands”, the 3rd single from the upcoming 2012: Site-Specific release, 2012:47807:. Not only does the remix kit include all necessary tracks for the single, but also included is a sneak peak of the single. Simply click the image below to open the media player and download each track.

Submit your REMIX or COVER version for this song for consideration to be included on future releases.

2012:47807:maxi-single: ”Pay for the Party”, IS SAT., 10/22/2011; 11:59PM. EXTENDED! DEADLINE IS NOW 10/28/2011; 11:59PM
Submit your Remix/Cover to “UnderNewYork@gmail.com

2012:47807:remix_kit: “Pay for the Party”
release date: 9/30/11 (digital only)
(click the image to open media player and download tracks)

*Remix Kit Note: Hey Gang!, the BPM is 150. There are 5 individual tracks that you can use to make your own remix for this song. Just drag and drop the tracks into your multi track editing software, or whatever you use. Or you can use these tracks to learn the instrument parts to make your own cover version! Submit your Remix/Cover “UnderNewYork@gmail.com” for a chance to be included on future releases.

Track Listing:
01) 2012_47807_PayfortheParty_REFERENCEMIX_BPM150
02) 2012_47807_PFTP_DRUMS_BPM150
03) 2012_47807_PFTP_BASSYNTH_BPM150
04) 2012_47807_PFTP_SYNTH_BPM150
05) 2012_47807_PFTP_VOXSAMPLES_BPM150
06) 2012_47807_PFTP_VOXALL_BPM150
+++ Produced by Myke Flaherty, 2011 +++

More about 2012:47807:maxi-single:”Pay for the Party”:

2012:47807:maxi-single: “Pay for the Party” will be the 3rd maxi-single released from the upcoming full length album by 2012:47807:, which is part of the larger, site-specific, recording project “2012: SIte-Specific:“. Site-specific means that the music is geographically organized as per location and the participants must be in the location at the time of recording. Outside samples are rarely used for these projects, as all the samples are generated from real people living or passing through the recording location. Some people contribute chatter,some sing, and some just make noise. All help to a unique lexicon of samples that are polished and turned into “ready for public consumption” audio tracks.

More about the 2012:Site-Specific: project here:
The 2012:Site-Specific: Recording Project

An article about the project can be found here:
Terre Haute Living Magazine, Nov.-Dec.,2010

If your interested to participate, email Myke Flaherty:

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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