2012: 97201: “All is Music on the Western Front.”

“I’m gonna do what you don’t like.”
– reference to Sweets Becker on “The Road (NY Plates; PDX Chic)

Recorded in Portland, OR in 2008,  2012: 97201: “All is Music on the Western Front.” is the full length album by 2012:97201, the west coast ensemble from the 2012: Site-Specific project. This full length album was recorded and produced by Myke Flaherty with tremendous help from fellow producers, XmaSafari & RiteSedJed, with whom Flaherty was living with at the time. Originally released in 2009, various version were printed/uploaded and distributed; although the album has yet to have a proper release. For now, the most recent version is the 2011 version available for download below. Maxi-Singles, Videos, and a release Party in Portland, OR is planned for 2012.

2012:97201: All is Music on the Western Front // (2011)
release date: 09/30/2011 – Digital Only

Sleeve/Liner Notes
(click images to enlarge detail)

design & layout by Myke Flaherty & Sasha-K;
design-control, additional layout, & visual mastering by Sasha-K

Featuring (in order of appearance):
XmaSafari // Nicolette Slagle // RIteSedJed // Myke Flaherty // Bryan “King” Oliver // Satire Sin // Birthday Inferno // Shayla // Delilah Anderson // Captain H.R. Frizzo // William Scott Stephens // Yekaterina Alexandrovna Karankevich // Ford Tennis // &  special appearance by Andris Balins

Track listing is as follows:
01. 2wenty2welve Industries ID (PDX)
02. A Kick In The Portland (I Need Music)
feat. XmaSafari & sample from Nicolette Slagle
03. Mystery Dance (Portland Redux)
feat. RIteSedJed, XmaSafari, Myke Flaherty
04. Site Specific: 97201
feat. Bryan “King” Oliver
05. The Road (NY Plates, PDX Chic)
feat. RIteSedJed, XmaSafari, Myke Flaherty
06. The Ballad of C-Ram (Embers Ladyboy mix)
feat. Myke Flaherty, XmaSafari, Jed & Abigail’s corningware
07. A Portland That Never Cheats
feat. Satire Sin
08. Rose City Anthem
feat. Bryan “King” Oliver & Satire Sin
09. Hold Up
feat. Birthday Inferno
10. Throat Cut (Springwater Corridor)
feat. Birthday Inferno & sample from XmaSafari
11. 28th & Burnside (Depths of the City)
feat. Shayla
12. Portland #2 (Overture)
13. The Problem With Flying High (PDX Red Eye)
feat. Birthday Inferno, Satire Sin, Delilah Anderson
14. Portland #1 (Concerto)
15. Export 333 (Rite Sed Jed vs. Capt. Frizzo mix)
feat. RiteSedJed, Myke Flaherty & Captain Frizzo(guitars)
16. Portland # 3 (XmaSafari Scherzando)
feat. XmaSafari
17. Dearth Vader
feat. Myke Flaherty, William Scott Stephens
18. Homeless After Dark
feat. William Scott Stephens, Myke Flaherty
19. Hero (Rock Your Body)
feat. RiteSedJed, Myke Flaherty, XmaSafari, Yekaterina Karankevich, Ford Tennis (drums)
20. Distribution in the Northwest
feat. XmaSafari, Myke Flaherty
21. A Melody for the People’s Republic of Portland, OR
feat. Delilah Anderson
22. The Greatest Portland Ever Told
feat. Delilah Anderson, Bryan “King” Oliver, Andris Balins (kalimba)
23. Portland # 4 (Retransition)
24. The Flaccid Belligerent
25. Nice Try (Ostinato)
feat. XmaSafari, Myke Flaherty
26. Passing Ships Off The Pacific (A Missed Boat)
feat. Myke Flaherty, XmaSafari, RiteSedJed, Andris Balins

Recorded during our stint out west, and utilizing the locals, this album is part of a “site-specific audio project” where we sorta came to the conclusion that All is Music on the Western Front. // *All music composed by Myke Flaherty with additional lyrics by appearing track artist. // *All songs Produced by Myke Flaherty (except track 5, produced by Myke Flaherty & XmaSafari, and track 15, produced by Myke Flaherty & RiteSedJed). // *Mastered at Dryhill Studios by Andris Balins: andris@dryhillstudios.com

Special Thanks: to Robyn Elton & The Robyn Elton Home for Wayward Boys, Abigail Czapsky, for putting up with this mess, The Black cat Coffee Shop, offering a good loiter. Dave McGill, Audi & Luz, thanks for the hang!

1. “Mystery Dance” is originally by 23 Wattkins, a collaborative project with RiteSedJed & Myke Flaherty
2. “The Road (NY Plates, PDX Chic)” is a homage to the seemingly flightless modes of transport used by Myke Flaherty.
3. “The Ballad of C-Ram (Embers Ladyboy mix)” is about a creeper that trolls the tranny-electro club,
Embers. If you’re clever you can derive the name from the track title.

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: (click the image to open media player and download):
2012: 97201: All is Music on the Western front (2011)
release date: 09/30/2011 (digital only)


Previous Versions:
2012:97201: AIMOTWF: Secret Geo-cached Prototype Exceprts // (2010)
release date: 07/06/2010 – limited USB drive

*design by Myke Flaherty

Liner Notes:
Basically this was an attempt at a geocaching project. USB drives were left in various locations around the United States. In addition to audio files, the USB drive contained the cover graphic and a text file. In retrospect, the greetings should have been a limerick and not so dry.

“Greetings Friend, Well congratulations for picking up this random USB drive.
You can relax knowing this does not contain a virus.
It does however contain excerpts from an unreleased site specific audio collection.
This USB drive is 1 of 10 deposited randomly around the United states.
You are now the beta listener. Enjoy.”

2012:97201: AIMOTWF: Classified Beta Release 1.01 (2010)
release date: 07/30/2011 – Digital Only

*design by Myke Flaherty

Liner Notes:
This was basically a digital streaming only version only released to contributors of the album, and anyone else who inadvertently came across the link. It had a surprising amount of plays.

More about the 2012:Site-Specific: project here:
The 2012:Site-Specific: Recording Project

If your interested to participate, email Myke Flaherty:

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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