It’s the END of THE MILL as we know it + 2012:47807: Maxi-Single #2: Release Party // FREE Double Creature Feature

The Mill + 2wenty2welve Industries presents

On FRIDAY, November 18th in Terre Haute, Indiana

It’s the END of THE MILL as we know it + 2012:47807: Maxi-Single #2: Release Party // FREE Double Creature Feature

with DJ’s:
Mr. Foote (Groove Dept.)
(+_M) (2wenty2welveIndustries)

Zany Photo Opts
copies of 2012:47807:Maxi-single#2
More details to come…
Surprisesthroughout the night

Our rules apply; Drink$ available or BYOB; 21+: FREE ENTRY // INVITE ONLY

8:00-10:00 PM – Mingle / Cocktail soiree
10:00-11:45 – Audio mixer featuring Mr. Foote & (+_M)
11:45-1:00 AM – BROADCASTPRESENTATION // 2012:47807:Maxi-Single#2
1:00-???? – More Audio from Mr. Foote & (+_M)

About the Party:
There are 2 reasons to celebrate and we have decided to wrap it all into one amazing night. The first reason to gather with us is to give a grand sendoff to THE MILL on 13th st., our Terre Haute studio and production house of the last 3 years. While it’s been a great experience and resource for all of us, it is time to say goodbye. For those of you that never made it by, this is your chance to come and enjoy this amazing space with us.

The 2nd reason to celebrate is the Release of 2012:47807:Maxi-Single #2 to the public. This release contains the next 2 singles from the full length 2012:47807: album, “Serving the Community”.

The two maxi-singles to be released are “Klepto Hands” & “Pay for the Party”. A delightful tune about stealing stuff, “Klepto Hands” features vocals by RiteSedJed, UmbaMaloba, & Alice Forehand, with vocal samples from Sasha-K, and turntables by Gigante. “Pay for the Party” is a ballad about dressing for the party and messing for the show, featuring vocals by Dude & Ben Christjansen, with live drums contributions from Chris Foote.

Additionally the collection features works and remixes from:
Mr. Foote
Ben Christjansen
Eli Van Sickel
J. Gale Kilgore
Mr. Smeckles
XmaSafari & Birthday Inferno

The work will be broadcast throughout the night and copies will be available.

Due to the nature of the space this event is INVITE ONLY. However, if you’ve been invited, feel free to bring any guests that you can vouch for. Also, just message us if we forgot to invite you as we are not trying to be dicks. We just want to keep the riff-raffs away from the fun. Email for an invite and location.

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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