Save The Date! 2012:47807: “Serving the Community” record release party! 02.03.2012

2wenty2welve Industries, Mr. Foote, & Deadly Beautiful presents
On FRIDAY, February 3rd, 2012 at Ole Ole Ole Simrell’s Ole in Terre Haute
“Crow Magnon”
The 2012:47807: “Serving the Community”
Album Release Party Extravaganza!

The Nerve [Live Set]

The Toys Du Jour [Live Set]

With DJ’s:
+Mr. Foote

+Deek [Live Set]

+Readings of things that never were:
feat. Rev. Walter Beck, Steve Ka$h, Sarah Long, & other surprise guests from the 3rd Thursday Poetry Asylum. (

+Music, Lights, Mr. Smeckles, Fog Machines, and Art throughout the night!

+FREE Mohawks & reasonably priced hair cuts by Angie


Our rules apply; 21 + / $5 @ door; $3 with Facebook RSVP or Flier

Friday, 02.03.2012 / 10pm – close
@ Ole Ole Ole Ole Simrell’s Ole
804 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN
(812) 232-4114

RSVP on Facebook for more info and entertainment updates, get the link at

Presented in collaboration with T.H.E.M.

Deadly Beautiful:


About The Party:
“Finally” is the word that best describes the official release of 2012:47807: “Serving the Community”. Produced by (+_M), and presented by 2wenty2welve Industries, the full length, 2 disc, audio album, is finally ready for public consumption. Three years in the making, the album is an incredibly diverse collection of live recordings and electronic compositions that features 40 people (both musicians and non-musicians) from, or passing through, the city of Terre Haute, IN.

In addition to a wide variety of participants, the album also features a plethora of Terre Haute references including the feel good hit, “Terre Haute Life”. Also included is “Desiderata 2011”, a remake of the Max Ehrmann poem. The whole album is Terre Haute centric.

Previously, (+_M) has released Terre Haute’s 1st and 2nd maxi-singles, featuring remixes and covers from people not only in Terre Haute, but around the country-a first for Terre Haute. (+_M) has also released Terre Haute’s first video EP. Now, he is about to release, what will go down in the Terre Haute lexicon as, the city’s first open source electronic album. Don’t let the word “electronic” turn you off, as we assure you it is much more than “untz untz untz”; it has jazz, saxophones, violins, crows, and so much more.

The party described above is to celebrate the long awaited release of this audio album and boast an eclectic collection of Terre Haute musicians and personalities.

The album features some big names you all may know: A Dante Jonsson , Alice Forehand , Ben Christjansen , Brad Kelly , Brian Lee Whisenhunt , Carl Klarner , Chris Foote , Erik Pearson , Codie Nicholaus Snyder , Dude , David BenJamin , Dustin Funk , Thomas Campbell , Grantley Wells , Jeffrey Beckman , Judy Francis , Kelley McKay , Kenye Fudia SamForay , Lucas Martin , Lucy Burrows , Mark Long , Mark Stalcup , Matthew Wilson , Michael Myers ,Shea Turner , Walter Thomas Beck III , Rite Sed Jed , Robyn Morton , Sara Noe , Sarah Long , Sasha Krasutsky , Scott Novotney , Steve Allen , Steve Martin , The Phantom Blazer , Tim Anderson, Tony Zebrowski , Troy Wilkinson , Umba Maloba , Noah Benjamin Phillips , & XmaSafari.

The work will be broadcast throughout the night and copies will be available.

Friday, 01.27.2012 : SAVE THE DATE! after 3 years in production, we are finally releasing the full length 2012:47807: album, “Serving the Community”. More info coming soon…

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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