CHICAGO SHOP – “Living The Life I Bring”

“…I like Sid, I’d visit him in prison.””
– Monk 9 [quoted from Ryan Buckley’s documentary film “Sid Yiddish”]


Shit don’t sound right. Last call for alcohol. Last chance for chance romance. Going home with a frigid whore. Time to get my Sid Yiddish On. Blood in my heart. Blues in my soul. Ain’t got no job. Can’t pay the toll. Down the street I bounce. Down the alley I sing. Kiss the city I love. Living The Life I Bring. Man rambles on the Red Line train. Somethings wrong with his rambling brain. Lady luck fails me tonight. Shit don’t sound right.

Sid was one of the first people I worked with on this project in 2012. I had met him at a MultKulti party in Wicker Park & we immediately hit it off. When he came over to record he brought with him a bindle full of found instruments. When we recorded I just let him do his thing. This track is the result.

Chicago Shop – “Living The Life I Bring” // (2016)
release date: 01/30/2016 – Digital Only

Track listing is as follows:
01. Living The Life I Bring [Feat. Sid Yiddish]

Sid Yiddish – vocals, slide whistle, shofar, assorted whistles, plastic toys,

Sleeve/Liner Notes: Produced & Engineered by Myke Flaherty at Studio EdgeH20 Chicago,IL | Copyright 2016 2wenty2welve Industries / Myke Flaherty / UnderNewYork | Mastered at Dryhill Studios by Andris Balins: | Design by Myke Flaherty

AUDIO DOWNLOAD: (click the image to open media player and download):
Chicago Shop – Living The Life I Bring(2016)
release date: 01/30/2016 (Digital)


Trivia: Sid Yiddish’s is a composer & conducts his own orchestra. The Ensemble is known as Sid Yiddish and His Candystore Henchmen.

Bonus Material courtesy of Sid Yiddish’s YouTube Page:


More about the 2012:Site-Specific: project here:
The 2012:Site-Specific: Recording Project

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