“So basically, I was driving across the country; on my to Portland, Oregon from New York, and my car broke down in a place called: Terre Haute, Indiana. I met some very, very…strange people there.”

– Myke Flaherty, 2011

Currently under way in Terre Haute, Indiana; 2012:47807: is the latest installment of the ongoing 2012:Site-Specific: project. Beginning work on this segment of the project in 2009, producer Myke Flaherty has relentlessly aimed to employ many of the interesting characters he has come to know and adore during his adventure in the city. To date the project has produced 3 remix kits, a video EP, 2 maxi-singles, numerous social events, performances, and a flattering amount of controversy.

Featuring contributions from at least 40 Terre Hautians, the culmination of this project was the release of the full length double record, “Serving the Community”, on 02/03/2012, and in the subsequent multimedia event that marked the completion of said product.

Audio Releases:
2012:47807:remix kit:”Excuse Me!, Terre Haute.” (remix kit for the first audio single)
2012:47807:remix kit:”Klepto Hands” (remix kit for the second audio single)
2012:47807:remix kit:”Pay for the Party” (remix kit for the third audio single)
2012:47807:maxi-single:”Excuse Me, Terre Haute.” (The first single from the full-length)
2012:47807:maxi-single #2: “KH” + “PFTP” (The 2nd and 3rd singles from the full-length)
2012:47807:Serving The Community (Double Disc; Full Length)

Video Releases:
2012:47087:”Terre Haute Life” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Making Our Dreams” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”In The Air Tonight” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Slow Life” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”JAM!” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”GiveTake” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Crows+Trains+Meth” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Car Trouble (Breakdown #1)” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Crowshendo” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Sobasically” // [Official Video]
2012:47807:”Paradise’s Children” // [Official Video]

Past Events:
CROWGAZMO (04/06/2012)
2012:47807: “Serving the Community” record release party! (02/03/2012)
The ENDofTHEMILL as we know it+2012:47807:Maxi-Single #2:Release Party(11/18/2011)
“Excuse Me!, Terre Haute” maxi-single release party (02/18/2011)
Sneak to Speak Sat? [ VIDEO SHOOT ]* (06/17/11)
PRESENTATION: Sneak to Speak Sat? [ VIDEO SHOOT ]* (06/25/11)
Secret Terre Haute Midnight Bicycle Club [Audio Corps] (ongoing)

This will be updated when it all blows over.

About the Studio:
Nestled away on Martin Luther King Blvd. lies the studio. Shared with Sasha-K, the studio is hosted within the confines of Mystery Systems, a lifestyle retailer of fine pressure washers and spray booth accessories. The actual building is locally know as “The Mill” and is host to both a location and function of an organization by the same name. The Mill is “the place were raw ideas are processed and ground into a some form or substance.” Furthermore, the old 19th century structure boast the oldest working elevator in Vigo County, Indiana. The elevator is one of the oldest working elevators in the country. Also, it is speculated, that the building was used to manufacture ammunition during WWII.

2012:47807: is strictly produced within the city limits of Terre Haute, Indiana:

With a population of 60,785, Terre Haute is a city on the move. Boasting a total of 3 belt busting fast food districts, Terre Haute is known for it’s high standard of customer service. The Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex is an integral part of the city and is recognized for its high number of corrections. Eugene V. Debbs was a prominent socialite from the area. During the roaring 20’s he left the “12 Points” jazz scene to run against George Harrison for the presidency of the United States. Harrison, a military hero, of course won the election. On the north side of the city, Fort Harrison bears his name. Also during the 1920’s a woman gave birth to the first Coca-Cola bottle.

More about Terre Haute can be found HERE, as well as HERE.

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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