“Straight from , Portland Oregon, the Rose City, where the girls are always rosy, the roses are always pretty…where the weather is always shitty, but love it straight out of pity”

– King  Oliver

After hearing a rumor that land was practically free in Portland, OR, super-friends Myke Flaherty, RiteSedJed, & XmaSafari packed some sandwiches and headed out west in 2008 to set up a studio. Expecting an easy life of coffee shops, low rent, and liberal sensibility, the gang had no idea what a cruel joke was actually about to be played on them. “Disappointment” would not accurately describe the sentiment. Despite the setback of every artist, musician, thinker, and tinkerer, seemingly moving out there at the same time, the gang managed to survive.

2012:97201: is the first West Coast installment of the ongoing 2012:Site-Specific: project. Beginning work on this segment of the project in 2008, producer Myke Flaherty used this project to test out new recruitment methods, such as Craigslist & Facebook, in addition to the usual method of simply recording friends and acquaintances.

Featuring contributions from a robust cross section of Portlanders, the audio release 2012:97201: All is Music On The Western Front also contains significantly more involved contributions from RiteSedJed & XmaSafari than utilized in previous releases. Although now available digitally, this full length audio album is to be scheduled to be officially released in 2012.

In the meantime, a collection of remix kits, containing audio tracks and sneak peeks of the singles, was released in 2009. Create and Submit your remix or cover version of these songs for consideration to be included on future releases, by clicking here.

Releases to Date:
2012:97201: The Remix Kits:
+++ 2012:97201: Mystery Dance (Portland Redux) // Remix Kit
+++ 2012:97201: Rose City Anthem // Remix Kit
+++ 2012:97201: Throat Cut // Remix Kit
2012:47807: All is Music on the Western Front (full length audio album;2011)

Planned Releases:
2012:97201: Ride Your Bike with Your Throat Cut (an EP collection of singles and remixes)
2012:97201: The Corridor (an EP of non-collaborative instrumentals; addendum to AIMOTWF; 2011)

Upcoming Events:
2012:97201: AIMOTWF post Release Party (Spring 2012)

About the Studio(s):
Not much to write home about, the studios used to record were basically towers of equipment strewn about rooms in various residences. Much of the work was done on XmaSafari’s console.

2012:97201: is strictly produced within the city limits of Portland, Oregon:

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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