2012 Site Specific

2012:Site-Specific: Defined 

2012 is simply the prefix for the site-specific recording project of traveling audio producer Myke Flaherty. Started by accident in 2003, the project aims to record local musicians and non-musicians in a specific location with a goal of creating a highly collaborative and homegrown product that is inherently unique.

Some people contribute chatter,some sing, and some make noise. All contribute to a unique lexicon of samples that are polished and turned into “ready for public consumption” audio tracks.

The number 2012 can either signify the year this project ends or can be an example of a number that cannot be written as a sum of 3 squares.

Each geographically specific segment of the project is considered it’s own unique “band” or “recording group”.  For the United States, this is usually denoted by postal code. In some cases, the recording location is too large to encompass a zip code. In this case a unique “band” name is given. Depending on extensiveness of the project, each “band” has, or will ,release content such as audio albums, videos, art, publications, etc.

For example, the most current segment of the project (as of 08/11) is “2012:47807:”

“2012” is the prefix, and “47807” is the postal code for Terre Haute, IN where Myke Flaherty and friends currently hold a studio, hence the segment, or “band”, “2012:47807:

The “band’s” releases to date include:
2012:47807:remix kit:”Excuse Me!, Terre Haute”
2012:47807:remix kit:”Klepto Hands”
2012:47807:remix kit:”Pay for the Party”
2012:47807:maxi-single:”Excuse Me, Terre Haute.” (The first single from the full-length)
2012:47807:videoEP: “self titled” (A video release)
2012:47807:Serving The Community (Double Disc; Full Length)

Current 2012 Projects:
2012:47807: Terre Haute, IN; audio & video

Planned 2012 Projects:
2012:47834: Brazil, IN; an EP recorded in an historic lodge; audio & video
2012:McMurdo: Ross Island, Antarctica; cold; science; audio & video
2012:13820: Oneonta, NY; audio; video

Past 2012 Projects:
2012:97201: Portland, OR;  audio
2012:via_NYS: New York State; recorded in multiple locations around New York; audio

*Uncle Nouh’s fortune…

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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