“Although people like to compliment the beard, I do not think it is an award winning beard. ”

– beard

:]:]:]beard[:[:[: the door to door traveling salesman for 2wenty2welve Industries

Simply put, beard (also credited as “DJBeard” & “dEEJAYbEARD”) is the touring DJ for 2wenty2welve Industries. His job, and the job of anyone who ever holds this prestigious post, is to grow a beard and spread all the fantastic audio 2wenty2welve Industries has to offer. Through the use noisy audio sets and compromising positions, beard always manages to win over the crowd; possibly while high. The public face of the company since 2008 possibly, beard has toured extensively providing dark, gritty, uplifting, audio sets fused with live performance.

Another part of beard’s job is to get physical copies of mixed audio releases in your hands.  Originally released in support of a 2008 tour, beard’s first (and only to date) release, “beard:RUBBERBANDANDPAPERCLIPFUTURISM:”, is a wildly versatile and eclectic dance collection of 2wenty2welve Industries material. This album is considered to be a definitive cross section of early 2wenty2welve Industries work and can double as a 2wenty2welve Industries sampler.

In regards to the actual beard that gently sits on his face, beard receives many compliments. In response to these accolades, beard does not believe these compliments are warranted since the beard is not of an award winning caliber; rather, he believes the compliments are directed toward the lifestyle of growing a beard. Having a beard, particularly a longer beard, is a special freedom that only certain men in modern society will ever know. Things in life you can avoid by having a long beard include: a job in finance; a job as a police officer/firefighter/EMT; any job where you need a respirator; napkins; a visible double chin; a sales position; respect from former classmates/colleagues; a lame girlfriend (it takes a special woman to tolerate a chin curtain); the army; pretty much any job where there is a remote chance someone will actually have to deal with you in person; the stress of not having a place to put your pocket comb/contraband/spare turkey/etc…

Releases to Date:

Planned Releases:
beard:Live from the Wunga Wunga County School Board (video release, 2012)

Tour History:


Promotional Tour Animations and Photos:

If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.


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