Chicago Shop

“…from this concrete beach, I will haunt the world….”

– David Packer, 2013


We are CHICAGO SHOP. The name came to me in a dream. From 2012 through 2015 I lived in Chicago, Illinois.  This collection is part of my Site-Specific audio project. In addition to field recordings, I feature contributions from individuals who live in, or were simply just passing through Chicago. Some folks added chatter, some sang, and some made noise. Collectively, we are called CHICAGO SHOP. Everyone involved contributed to a unique lexicon of recordings that were then refined and produced into audio tracks that are ready for public consumption. Enjoy.

Audio Releases:
Chicago Shop – :GHOSTS:
Chicago Shop – Living The Life I Bring
Chicago Shop – Emerge



If you enjoy our audios, videos, & events, and want us to make more, please consider donating to our project. All of our audio is free for you to enjoy and download.